Voltaire. Candide. New York; Simon and Brown, 20 May 2011. Print.

 This story divulges the adventures of a young German lad called Candide, and how he forcefully travels the world, pursuing love and wealth. During his travels, he undergoes physical and emotional damages, has cheerful moments and meets numerous people, with different perspectives on life. While the story may seem stupid for many, Voltaire manages to criticize and mock society and the dissenting views people have. Through characters, Voltaire exemplifies and mocks aspects of mankind. Through Pangloss he mocks extremely optimistic people; Martin, extremely pessimist; Baron, human arrogance, and through Candide human naiveness. The humor used by Voltaire to enlighten people about mankind and their flaws, is what makes this story worthy to read. By writing a simple, enjoyable text, Voltaire shows why, since the very beginning with the Garden of Eden (there is an analogy to this at the end), the human race is not perfect and is the one to blame for most of society´s flaws.


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