Scumbag Billionaire

scumbag billionaire.” Cartoon. MAD. Warner Bros. Entertainment Company. n, d. Web. 21 March 2011.

 The cartoon, “Bernie Madoff is Scumbag Billionaire” recapitulates some of the harm Madoff did by swindling thousands of people with his investment firm. The cartoon is an analogy to the movie “Slumdog Millionaire” because it has the same format as the movie’s poster. It asks the question “what does it take to destroy the finances of innocent people and charities?” and when given the options: “moral bankruptcy, depraved indifference, obscene selfishness and all of the above”, the answer is the last one. Also we see quotes of people who got cheated and a strong line being “The #1 Scam of the Year.” Ultimately what the cartoon wants to inform is that Madoff is a terribly, awful person, who is full of “pure greed.” Being this a very sensible topic that affected thousands of people and families, the author uses sarcasm to get his point across. By doing this, he criticizes Madoff strongly and it makes it easier for people to understand the harm he caused and the magnitude of his offenses.  


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