Well, At Least He´s Not Bush

McCoy, Glenn. “Well, at least he´s not Bush.” Cartoon. Bns-uclick. n,d. Web. 28 Feb. 2011

 In this cartoon, Obama is killing a dove with a coin that has ´Peace Prize´ written on it, and two noble men in the back are mumbling, “at least he´s not Bush.” Ultimately what is at stake here is whether Obama really deserved the peace prize. McCoy exhibits that it´s ironic that he won it, with his country being at war and many lives lost at his cost and orders. This cartoon is worthy of a collection thanks to the symbols used, through which an opinion is expressed, using irony. The dove symbolizes peace, and the killing may represent war, while the coin may even suggest that money was involved. Lastly, the line “well, at least he´s not Bush” indicates that McCoy dislikes Bush


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