Mansfield, Katherine. “Countrywomen.” Representative Poetry Online. University of Toronto, 2003.  Department of English. Web. 12 May 2011.

 In her poem, Katherine Mansfield illustrates the physical aspects of countrywomen. She portrays them as having “great big arms” and “big substantial sit down places,” but also with “such eyes” meaning they are beautiful. What I believe Mansfield is trying to indicate is that she´s very fond of countrywomen. Even though she makes fun of them, she uses an affectionate humor to describe how fat and big they are, but the reader is able to imply that Mansfield thinks they have a great personality. Although the poem is short and uses simple language such as “what a size” and “bursting trough their country jackets,” the way affection is represented through humor is what makes this poem worth studying. Never does she say that she´s fond of countrywomen but with phrases like “hands outspread, round and rosy” the warm humor is clearly present. 


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