Do Asians Have a Sense of Humor?

Vittachi, Nury. “Do Asians have a Sense of Humor? The Jakarta Post. PT Bina Media Tenggara, 2 July 2010. Web. 4 April 2011.

“Do Asians have a sense of humor” is an essay written by Nury Vittachi, where he shares the information of emails he interchanged with a professor going by the name of Man-Sir. At first, this professor addressed Nury, a humorist, with the concern of the cultural gap between the east and west, and this being a great threat to world peace. As a solution, he suggests humor, but states that the problem is that  “westerners consider Asians to be wildly unfunny.” Even though Nury only displays Man-Sir´s opinions, we can realize that he believes that Man-Sir´s statement are totally erratic and senseless because he uses a humorous tone to write the essay. With phrases like “Asians comedians are as rare as brain cells in the Jonas Brothers´ fan club” and “being funny is a serious matter,” he proves why Man-Sir´s thoughts are incorrect. By reading this article, not only did I enjoy an agreeable sense of humor, but also I was able to broaden my horizons about humor. As Man-Sir, I also assumed that Asians were unfunny, but after reading Vittachi´s work I noticed that they do have a sense of humor and it is very similar to ours.


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