Who Named These Guys Wise Men?

Barry, Dave. “Who named these guys wise men.” miamiherald.com. The Miami Herald, 5 Dec. 2004. Web. 3 Feb. 2011.

 In his essay, “Who named these guys wise men?” Dave Barry examines men and women during Christmas. He states that since the birth of Jesus, men have always screwed-up on Christmas. Supporting this he gives examples such as that men never buy gifts on time and the ones they buy are never the right ones. Barry suggests that women are the ones to blame for the lack of interest men have on Christmas. He argues that women are over prepared at Christmas, and this make men appear as if they didn´t have any interest at all. Even though this essay is brief and simple, the literary devices and language usage makes it very worthwhile. Statements like “At this point…you standard women has already purchased and wrapped thoughtful gifts for approximately 600 people including her children…co-workers, the children of her friends…” and “and accept us for the imperfect beings that we are (men) compared to you…” are the ones that distinguish the essay as a very humorous one. In the above statements Barry used sarcasm, hyperbole, interesting diction and mock


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