A Lady Who Thinks She is Thirty

Nash, Ogden. “A Lady Who Thinks She Is Thirty.” Poem Hunter.com. 3 Jan. 2003. Web. 10 May 2011.

 In his poem, Nash describes what a women goes through after waking up one morning and thinking she is thirty. Not only does Miranda, the women, “feels the sun with terror” but the fact that  “twenty-nine she was last night; this morning she is thirty,” taunts Miranda while she rejects to look at her reflection, terrified of what could appear in the mirror.  Ultimately what Nash is demonstrating is that women are scared of growing old, because of what life may bring or the physical and sentimental changes they could suffer, but reality is that it´s inevitable and the people will still like them, no matter the changes they suffer. Overall the poem is very simple and it´s easy to understand but it´s a great example of a humorous tone that does not intend to hurt or criticize. With his words and kind description, Nash is able to convey his message using a caring and affectionate tone, laughing at women for being so preoccupied with growing old, but showing that he loves them very much.


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