Father William

Caroll, Lewis. “Father William.” Poetry Archive. Poetry-Archive.com, 2001. Web. 12 May 2011.

 The essence of this poem revolves around a conversation between Father William and a young boy, where the boy is puzzled about the fact the Father William, being old, can do things that are unlikely for old men. When being asked how he can stand on his head, or how his jaw is very strong, his answers go back to his youth. In other words, Carroll is demonstrating that what one does in his youth, will be reflected later on in life. In this case the things represented are good, but it also applies to negative things. Although the poem is not deep, as it´s read, you can feel the humor in the words of Father William. Instead of being a grumpy old man, he answers the boy´s questions with comic responses that are weird but can also be mocking the incredulity of the boy. 


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