Our Fellow Savages

Twain, Mark. “Our Fellow Savages.” Toastmasters Public Speaking. 2010. Web. 19 May. 2011.

 In his speech, “Our Fellow Savages,” Mark Twain thoroughly and in a weird way describes some aspects of the Sandwich Islands, also known as Hawaii. He mentions the kind of people who live there, focusing on the native ones, and also he portrays the landscape claiming, “Their chief glory…is their volcano.” After leaving the audience with mixed feelings about the islands, Twain states that Hawaii may be one of the most beautiful and charming lands. Comparing them to the “Sunday blues,” he concludes that it´s the perfect place to relax and forget about the anxieties of life. Twain transmits his ideas by using a humorous tone that I believe is unique to him. With phrases like “in color, the natives are a rich, dark brown-a sort of a black and tan,” Twain manages to make fun of the Sandwich Islands in a nice way, with no intentions of criticizing or hurting anybody.


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