A Toast to the Men

Guest, Edgar A. “A Toast to the Men.” The Poetry Foundation. The Poetry Foundation.Web. 30 Jan. 2011.

 In his poem “A Toast to the Men,” Edgar Allan Guest writes from the perspective of women and dedicates the poem to them. He gives examples as to how men are always blaming women for the things that occur to them. With examples such as “they blame us if they oversleep,” or “if their business fails” (us being women), Guest suggests that “men are never at fault” while women are always guilty. He reveals that even though women are blamed for everything, they will always love men.  This poem is very remarkable because there is a variation in the tone. At first, readers think that women are irritated with men, but at the end he exposes that it does not disturb women at all. He portrays his points using a lot of humor and it is clear that that women mock the fact that men are always blaming them for everything, even things nobody can control. 


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