Drawing Upon Humor For Change

Liza Donnelly´s Cartoon

Donnelly, Liza. “Drawing Upon Humor for Change.” TED Talks. TED Conferences, LLC. Jan 2001. Web.  28 Feb 2011.

 Delivered by Liza Donnelly, this speech focuses on women and their changes in society through the years. Displaying her own humorous cartoons and mocking how women were expected to wear specific colors (pink) or do specific things (house work), Donnelly portrays that women, in the 50´s had limited opportunities.  She mainly argues that even though people, especially men, have tried to shape us, women have been able to overcome the oppressions and we have been able to earn more credibility and the respect we deserve. Stating “we can change this thing one laugh at a time” she demonstrates that some women, like her self have been able to acquire more places in society, by using humor. Using herself as an example, assistances the speech into inspiring us to believe that change is possibly. Not only does she demonstrates this by showing her own cartoons, mocking society´s oppression to women, but she clarifies how women have been able to earn respect and reliability in a macho society that have been starting to view their true potentials.


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